About us

Socacel is specialized in the field of meat and fish technology and supplies a large variety of services, including complete or individual production and processing devices, individual combinations of ingredients, additives and marinades as well as packaging materials.

Since 1990 SOCACEL is well-known in the meat community not only for its complete and sliced ham production, but also for advanced poultry and fish processing.

The combination of more than 30 years practical experience together with the up-to-date and qualified knowledge in modern technology makes SOCACEL the first choice for individual solutions of meat technology challenges.

SOCACEL provides first class individual technological solutions instead of standardized devices.

All services and products are tailored to the customer's individual requests, wishes and conditions and optimized in order to achieve the best production process available.

The cooperation with SOCACEL offers two main advantages:

A part of the SOCACEL philosophy…